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A BAS is where you report your sales and purchases for GST, your BAS also reports your Gross wages & PAYG withheld that you pay to your employees. We can assist you with the lodgement of this.

There could be several reason why the GST payable is high. not all expenses have GST. We can review your pervious lodgements to ensure that the amounts are correct.

Our fees depend what your business structure is, our fees are competitive & affordable, give us a call for a quote.

There is several software brans on the market, we find that MYOB & Xero are good. Depending on your business we can advise you the best software for you.

Yes, our accountants are fully trained in small business, our company policy is, we always ensure we stay up to date with any changes.

Single touch payroll (STP) is the new system you report your wages to the tax office. Our accountants are fully train and are available anytime to assist you with this.

This depends on how much your vehicle is used for business. We advise that you obtain a log book and record all you business rated travel over three months. This will then give you a percentage.

Our external solicitors are able to do this quite quickly for you. We would meet and work out what the trust is for and who would be responsible for the statutory compliance requirements.

Our external financial planner can sit down with you and go through the advantages and disadvantages of a SMSF. Our advisors would also advise if a SMSF is suitable for retirement goals.

Any receipts for work expenses, your PAYG summary if one has been issued to you. Two copies of ID and your tax file number.

Depending on what type of business loan you require, we go to our board of lenders to ensure that you get market leading low rates.

Our accountants can sit down with you to work our goals for your business, we take the time to investigate the advantages & disadvantages or each structure.

A Chattel Mortgage is where you own the vehicle or equipment from the start of the loan contract. This enables you to claim the GST upfront when you buy the asset.

A vehicle is a depreciable asset, in MGB option you are better of financing the asset and used your funds on assets that increase in value.

Invoice & trade finance is a facility that gives you instant cash flow. Instead of waiting to be paid, the financier can you give you up to 80% of the invoice within 24 hours and the final amount is paid once the invoice is paid. Trade finance allows you to get your goods straight away and your supplier is paid on the spot. This can give you a good negotiating tool in getting your goods at a discount price. Call our accountants for further information.

Our advisors can sit down with you to go through the advantages & disadvantages of buying the property in your name or a trust. Every person situation is different. We ensure that we investigate every possible scenario.

There are different methodologies used in valuing a business, our accountants are fully trained in this area give us a call!

Yes we do, we have several plans that allows us to manage your portfolio. Give us a call!

Our fees are base on what work we have done for you. Our guarantee is our fees are competitive and affordable. Your first meeting is free of charge.

Yes our firm offers mobile bookkeepers at affordable rates. Call for a quote!





Let us come to you we understanding life is busy. We offer a unique service of coming to your home or work to assist in lodging your tax return. Coming to your office or business gives us an understanding of your operations and able us to assist in future strategies of profit building, tax minimisation or finance future assets.






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