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Managed Funds and Direct Shares

People invest for different reasons, however it is likely that they fall into one, or even both, of the following categories:

  • Capital growth: building and protecting your money Capital growth at a real rate (after fees, tax and inflation) means you want the original investment amount to grow by more than inflation, so you'll be able to buy more in the future than you can today.
  • Income generation: paying yourself an income, you may be at the stage in your life when you choose to live off your investments. Typically, this is when you retire and want to use the money you have invested to support your lifestyle. You're likely to look at investments where there is a stable income or dividend stream and little risk of your original investment declining.

It is imperative to understand the different risks involved with investment, whether it is a short, medium or long-term investment, so that your objectives and ideal returns can be matched to them.

It may be that you need easy access to your money for an overseas trip, in which case a suitable investment option may be banking products, where there is no risk of losing your money but a lower return is probable. Comparatively, you may wish to save for a deposit on a house, in which case investments that are likely to increase in value over a longer time frame, referred to as growth assets, are more appropriate. Such may be ideal to achieve your objective, however you need to consider the greater risk involved.

Therefore, the risks and rewards of investments need to be carefully outweighed, and accordingly, our financial planners can support you in selecting an investment option that is best tailored to your situation and needs.

General Advice Warning

This is issued by Michael G Bridges an authorised representative of GWM Adviser Services trading as MLC Financial Planning. This information might contain unsolicited general information only, without regard to any investor's individual objectives, financial situation or needs. It is not specific advice for any particular investor and is not intended to be passed on or relied upon by any person. Before making any decision about the information provided, an investor should consider the appropriateness of the information in this document, having regard to their objectives, financial situation and needs and consult their adviser. Any indicative information and assumptions used here are summarised and also may change without notice to you, particularly if based on past performance.

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