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Tax Effective Business Structures

An astounding 95% of businesses that contact us are structured inefficiently with regard to asset protection and tax minimisation, thereby exposing them to unnecessary tax payments and obligations. However, Tax Effective can assist you in structuring your business effectively, as well as provide you with the professional expertise you need to:

  • Increase business cash flows
  • Retain substantial amounts of money in taxes each year
  • Protect assets, home and personal property from insolvency, bankruptcy or creditors
  • Protect your business from vast taxes when sold
  • Expand business capabilities and remain competitive
  • Build personal wealth and financial security

What is a Trust?

Essentially, a trust involves one’s personal or business assets being held by another person or company for the benefit of others. The person that holds the assets is referred to as the trustee, while those who benefit from the trust are called beneficiaries. Trusts prove to be an excellent tool for tax planning, as income received from assets held in a trust can be allocated to beneficiaries on lower marginal tax rates.

A trust also offers you some protection in the event of a legal action, as only assets held in your personal name can be chased after. Accordingly, your business or personal assets held by the trustee in the trustee’s name are exempted even though you and other beneficiaries maintain legal control of your assets.

  • Protect your business’ intellectual property and assets
  • Safeguard your personal assets from litigation through trusts
  • Organise profit distribution to reduce tax burdens
  • Eliminate capital gains tax once your business is sold

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